Yesterday, Alexis Tsipras, who came to office six months ago pledging to end austerity and restore “dignity” to the Greek people, sold his soul to the devil signing painful ways out of the crisis for his own people for the next twenty years.

After blaming creditors, bringing World War II reparation in the equation, playing a populist game, making German the bad sheep, blaming the IMF, insulting the ECB, bringing Greece to a party with no plan whatsoever, he came at home today with the worst of the worst. Because, “No, Mr. Tsipras”, it could not “have been much worse”: sending your country in a twenty years-austerity deal, is a criminal choice.

In all this appalling story, the first guy to blame is not the Mr. Wolfgang Schäuble, it’s not Madame Merkel or Madame Lagarde, it is Mr. Alexis Tsipras. One week ago, European leaders showed a carrot. It did not work and this weekend they showed the stick. Unfortunately for Greece, Mr. Tsipas is not the new Venizelou, he is just simply a donkey. And as for any donkey, the stick worked.

The last chance for Greece is that the German parliament or their own parliament will not agree on the deal. It would give a chance to come back to the European leaders and follow the most sensitive things to do, listening Mr. Wolfgang Schäuble. The German finance minister suggested that Greece would leave temporary the euro area. We do not have so many details about the proposal but Greece needs desperately to rebuild its competitiveness and it is just not possible inside the euro area. Backed by the ECB, Greece will be in a situation to come back in the game.