In less than one month, the US will vote to elect a new President. Regarding the importance of America, this election will impact American people, but also the rest of the world.

She is in Politics for over forty years, and she wants to become the first woman elected President of the United States. But, what else? What are her projects? What is she going to change to America? Well, this is the issue. Hillary Clinton brings nothing new, except the continuity of a politic which has fallen for the last twenty years. According to the establishment, Democrat of course but also Republican, she is the only possible vote to avoid a disaster called Donald Trump.

Well, maybe they are right. But maybe, only maybe the same press which did not see anything coming is wrong. Maybe this establishment which brought the country close to a catastrophe in 2008 is incorrect too.

The US need a tax revolution, need to face some serious issues like the finance of the education or the lack of high profile in some specifics sectors. Nothing has been done, and I believe nothing is going to be done by Hillary Clinton, which will be elected due to the funding of two hundred people financing her campaign. These people want continuity. It is the story of the“French citadel”
Even elected, it is going to be difficult for her to build a majority in a divided Democrat party. The Democrat establishment is supporting Hillary but not the base.

In the other side, we have Lucifer Trump. The Republican establishment doesn’t want him. All media in the world don’t support him. He is misogynist, racist, stupid and obscene. Despite all these qualities, the guy is only three points behind Hillary in the pool. But are we talking about the same guy who was close to the Democrat party for the last thirty years? The same guy who financed Bill Clinton’s election? The same guy invited to Clinton’s daughter wedding? The guy who built an empire?

I do not think so. Trump occupies an empty political space gathering a significant part of the population who lost hope, who has been disappointed by traditional politicians. He based his campaign on bad instincts of human beeing. The issue is with who and how he is going to govern if he wins this election? How is he going to reconcile this America divided during this one year campaign?

In all cases, America has already lost the game. Due to the political system, the lack of unity, an impossible conciliation, America is going to lose four years. America and the world cannot afford it.