I have enormous respect for President Obama, for the man and his conviction. He brought a new perception of America outside the US border. His talent for communication, his balance, the right tone and his constant have been a light in this unstable world.

But unfortunately, a good man is not necessary a great state man. After eight years of Presidency, he was unsuccessful to translate ideas into political actions.

Domestically, President Obama failed to impose to America a more fair society. The gap between the richest and the poorest in the country increased during his two mandates. Despite a low level of unemployment, the mean average salary has decreased, and the middle-class is in perdition. He failed to impose a universal healthcare system. The racial tension in the country has probably never been so high since the Los Angeles riots in 1992.

Internationally, the outcomes are not great too. Despite a hoping speech in Egypt at the beginning of his first mandate, – for which he won a Nobel price -, he increased the gap between the Western and Arabic world. He brought back Iran in the nation concert, but he damaged seriously the relationship with Saudi Arabia and the Sunnites, which represents ninety percent of the Arabic world. He brought back troops from Afganistan and Irak, mainly for financial reasons. But, the move was not so smart has western countries are thinking to send back troops on the Iraki ground to face the Daesh issue.

Another serious failure is the relationship with Russia. Diplomatic relations between both countries have never been so cold since the 70s. Vladimir Poutine is probably not the best peacemaker in the world, but he has proved to be an ally you can account on. President Obama was never able to deal with somebody he considered as a criminal. But Russia is an essential partner to find solutions in this world.

It will take more than an article to dress the full impact of Obama’s legacy. The election of a black president, itself is an important fact which is going to inspire and change the all American society on a long term basis. Obama will remain in the history, whatever the judgment of any writer. Unfortunately, he is going to be remembered not for his notable achievements, but more because of the colour of his skin.